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Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Welcome to tibetbirds!!!

Welcome to my new blog!!!
I already maintain a webpage:
but to make the whole thing more interactive, a blog seems nicer. Let's see how Chinese internet surveillance reacts ... I live in China and usually they are not fond of blogging. But birds should be quite harmless. Therefore please: never ever any politics or otherwise offensive content! We need to have the scissors right in our mind ... :-(      Thank you.

Beside that: I live in Lhasa/ Tibet/ China, I love birdwatching and go out once a week if possible, I like to make pictures of birds and I will put them online here or on my webpage, and I give some information about birding and travel in Tibet - and I CAN HELP YOU ORGANIZING YOUR TRIP TO TIBET! With individual permits, individually tailored tours, and great birding, see:
So far for today ... I first have to learn how to do this blogging ...

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